Flat roof repairs in The Chequer

Flat Roofer in, Wrexham and surrounding areas


Because Apex Roofing Services are based in Wrexham, we are ideally placed to carry out works in your area.

Our quote won’t include costs for excessive travel or time away from the job, because we are on your doorstep.

Giving work to a local roofer, means you are keeping money circulating in our area, which will help our community. If you give work to someone from outside the area, most likely they will spend the money you pay them in the area where they live, therefore depriving our community of that money.

We are experienced, and hard working. We’ll will get the job done quicker, saving you money.

We get most of our roofing work through referrals, so we ensure we do a great job so you will tell all your family and friends.

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